Recent Projects

A screen shot of the multi-user blog website.

This blog allows site members to write blog entries for any of the locations with which they are associated.

A screen shot of an online database website.

A flexible, searchable online database of plants used in the Forest Gardening community website.

screen shot of the Forest Community website

This Forest Gardening community website features an online database of plant species, which is integrated so that forum discussions, blogs, articles and online resources can all be tagged as related to a particular species.

Screen shot of the blog website

The Sapiotech Base Site - Blog is a full Drupal installation configured as a blog with some of our favorite add-on features to make site management easy and efficient.

Intelligent Web Platform

The Drupal icon, or Druplicon, is based on a drop of water with "infinity" eyes.Start your company or personal website with a system that puts you in charge of your content and is flexible enough to grow with you into the future. Our websites are built around the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). We love Drupal for its solid, tested code and amazing flexibility. Instead of re-inventing the wheel with every new project, we have more than 15,000 proven modules to use as building blocks for your project. This means that you get mature code with thoughtful features built in and a framework that is prepared to grow with you all the way. Some of the largest sites on the Internet are built with Drupal. Why not yours?

Select one of our Base Site websites to get a fully-functional Drupal website with the core functionality you need in an economical package. Then, let us add features to make it the website of your dreams.

Better By Design

The core Drupal framework intentionally separates site content (words, pictures, video), the presentation layer (the "look and feel" of the site) and site functionality (the way in which information flows on your site). This allows for cooperation between the three key people or roles at work on your website: The Content Manager or Editor (content), the Web Designer (presentation) and the Web Developer (functionality).

Content Management System

At the heart of our website framework is the ability for you and the people you assign to log in to the website and easily make changes to pages or articles on the site. Those changes can be immediately published online. There is no longer any need to wait for a web developer to translate your content into website code and upload it to the site. With the recommended WYSIWYG editor modules, working with the content on your site is as easy as typing in any common word processor. Different people can be given different levels of permission within the Content Management System to add or edit the pages of your site, so you stay in charge of the finished product.

Flexible Theming

All of the information that controls the "look and feel" of your website (the colors, font styles and sizes, position of elements on the screen) is stored together in the Drupal Theme. There are hundreds of pre-packaged themes to choose from, and any competent Web Designer can further customize every detail of your web presentation through its theme. The recommended Adaptive Theme automatically configures your site presentation to fit the screen of the device making the request, transforming your site into a mobile-ready platform with no further work from you.

Unlimited Potential

Drupal's modular coding framework allows your Web Developer to add site functionality at any time, which means that you can start with a simple, but highly functional site now and add features as your needs change - without an expensive and time-consuming site "redesign". With over 15,000 modular "building blocks" to work with, the possibilities are unlimited. Only occasionally is there need for custom code, which saves you time and money on the project.

Build Your Site

  • Choose one of our pre-configured Base Site websites and have it installed for half price with an annual web hosting plan.
  • Browse the list of features that we can add to any Drupal website.
  • Or, Contact Us to talk about that special website that you need.