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It seems that most of my work involves behind-the-scenes improvements to server functionality or building private corporate web applications. Very little of it results in public-facing websites that I can put on my portfolio page, so this is a place where I can let you know what I've been up to.

Community Website Beginning Alpha Testing

I've been working on a community website for several months and we just launched the alpha test site to try out the user interface and workflow. There are lots of community-building features and they are all integrated with a central database that contains the information that the group association revolves around.

The publicly-accessible online database will be editable and expandable through the contributions of group members. Flexible search features allow everyone to find information related to the group's work quickly and easily.

Colorbox Photo Gallery

A frequent client has really enjoyed the basic photo gallery that I included in their website conversion to a full Content Management System, and it has become an important way to communicate with their clientele. What I had in mind when I built the gallery was a Colorbox style popup that would play a slideshow when the user selected which gallery they wanted to see.

Adaptive Mobile Theme Upgrade

I recently completed an adaptive mobile upgrade to a Drupal content management system that I built for a local resort last year. Google Analytics had showed that at least 25% of site users were already mobile, and the company wanted to attract even more young people as clientele, while ensuring that people travelling could easily find information on the site.

Mirroring a Drupal Website

The client's website was happily running in-house on a server that we had built, and nightly backups were being copied off-site to a secure data center in a far-off land, but they wanted to know what more we could do to provide redundancy in the event that the web server came under attack.

Off-site Backup Scripts

Drupal provides the Backup and Migrate module, which does a nice job of making backups of your site database to any schedule you set, and rotating those backups so that you maintain some depth. But its important to remember that the site database is not all that it takes to rebuild your website, should it disappear one day.

Upgrading to a Content Management System

The client was in a situation that many small businesses share: They were dependent on one "web guy" to make edits to the company's HTML website, but that guy was busy with other projects. Simple editorial updates to the site were taking too long, and they didn't have the budget to hire another web expert. Information was getting stale. Though they were proud of the site, managers found themselves paring down to basics rather than expanding the information that they made available to their clientele.

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